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Beta PUBG Mobile new update is finally here. Download now and explore the upcoming official 3.2.4 update of PUBG Mobile.

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About Beta PUBG Mobile

Beta PUBG Mobile is the testing version of Player unknowns battlegrounds mobile. This version of the game pre-releases the contents of the upcoming version of the main game. Of course this version is not a perfect stable one. One can easily notice a lot of bugs and glitches in it.
Developers release this version open to all for each and everyone. Both Android and Ios users can download it and play on their respective devices.


Based on the different maps available in this game both number of players and time period varies. Maximum 100 players can play in classic mode big maps like Erangle, Miramar, Sanhawk, Vikendi. Whereas in livik 52, karakin 64, and 32 in nusa map. Time period also varies for about a maximum of 35 minutes to minimum 5 minutes.
But in Beta version generally Erangle and livik are available all the time.
In addition to these classic mode gameplays 4v4 team deathmatch is also present in it. Where both teams fight for a fixed number of finishes. The team achieved finishes earlier declared as winner.

Graphics and Audio

Quality of Graphics and Audio is easily customisable here. Different types of graphics can be unlocked based on your device capability. From smooth to ultra hd settings are available.

Controls and sensitivity

One can easily customise the controls and sensitivity in the game settings. Not only that you can also save and share it across game servers very easily. You can adjust it according to your play style and apply it anytime in this game like PUBG Mobile main version.


  • Click on the download button and select your APK file and Download.
  • After downloading the game install it.
  • Now Run the game on your device.
  • After some little checkups and downloads your game will run smoothly.
  • Now just open it and enjoy the contents.


The main aim of PUBG Mobile beta is collecting feedback about the noticeable bugs and glitches from users. By collecting information developers work and fix all of these issues. And release a bug free stable update in the main version of PUBG Mobile. One can easily download it from our website for free. By installing this version you can play all the upcoming game modes earlier than its official stable release.