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The aim of this page is to maintain a full transparency about the uploaded contents (APK’s) on this site.

Admin Note

Hey, visitor thank you for visiting us. Our aim is to provide you the latest version of your favorite games. And we work hard to fulfil our goal. We do not provide you any modified or cracked or malicious  files. All the contents are 100% safe and unmodified. To ensure security we use virus scanner. We scan each and every file before publishing it on our site. We use virus total website to check all these. But we don’t scan additional application files.

However if the original creator or any associates who are the makers of that particular app collects data using their platform we are not responsible for that.


All the Android mobile games available on our site are either taken from Google Play Store or from Official websites of that particular app.


We do not store any APK files on our own server. We use other storage platforms like mediafire for storage and distribution.


NameAdded OnLast UpdatedSource
Beta PUBG Mobile05/10/2022official website
Call Of Duty06/12/2022Google play store
CarX Street22/02/2023Google play store
Free Fire Max05/10/2022Google play store
New State Mobile06/01/2023Google play store
PUBG KR05/10/2022Google play store
PUBG Lite05/10/2022Official website
PUBG VN05/10/2022Google play store
Call of Duty Mobile11/09/2023Google Play store
Warzone Mobile10/04/2023Google Play store
Indus Battle Royale26/01/2023Pre-register
PUBG Mobile05/10/2022Official Website
Genshin Impact08/03/2024Google Play store
Brawl Stars08/03/2024Google Play store

Results Will be available soon. Currently results are removed due to some 301 redirection issue on some urls on our site. We are starting a site maintenance dated: April 2024 to August 2024. Till then Some pages link or even site contains may be unavailable.