How to get materials in BGMI for free : 100% working methods

How to get materials in BGMI for free? is one of the most anticipated question of all BGMI fans.

In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Materials are one of the most valuable items. It helps in leveling up different kinds of firearms to unlock new abilities. But it is very difficult to collect them. Generally materials do not come for free. Most of the time players have to invest a good amount of money to earn these precious items.

So, here in this post we will discuss some easiest ways to claim materials in BGMI. We will explain both the free and paid method which are 100% legal, safe and not against the rule of BGMI.

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how to get materials in bgmi for free

How to get materials in BGMI?

Here is the all traditional methods by which you can gain materials in BGMI. These are classical methods which are 100% legal, Safe and not against the rulebook of BGMI.

1. Crate Openings

Crate Openings is one of the major source of materials in BGMI. Specially the firearm crates and lucky spins comes will a huge amount of materials. Where players have to invest real money from their pocket. They have to spin more and more to increase the chances of getting materials. In general the cost for a single spin in any crate opening process may vary from 10 UC to 60 UC. For 10 times spin the cost may vary from 180 UC to 90 UC. UC (Unknown Currency) is the in game currency used to purchase items in BGMI & PUBG Mobile. In BGMI 60 UC costs 75 INR.

2. Materials Pack

Materials pack are bundles of materials have some fixed cost. In general there is no luck factor works like crate or lucky spins. Here you can purchase these packs in limited quantity, within a limited time. The cost of such packs generally up to 999 UC. But sometimes they became more cheaper with some discounted events.

3. From Duplicate Firearm skins

Duplicate (upgradable) firearm skins can be dismantle to get a bunch of materials. The amount of materials varies according to the type of dismantled firearm skins.

Type of firearmMaterials after dismantle
1. Epic category firearm skins1 pics.
2. Legendary category firearm skins3 pics.

4. From UC spending events

UC spending events offer materials. Players can collect them by spend a certain amount of UC inside the game. Generally in one version players can collect a total of 4 materials.

How to get materials in BGMI by investing a little UC?

If you have very tight budget, unable to invest so much money in BGM, but wants to gain material with a little investment, Then this is for you.

!. Royal Pass

The royal pass in BGMI is also a good source for materials. Here every elite royal pass holder can earn up to 7 mini materials in each pass. Mini material are small pieces of materials, which can produce 1 material by the combination of 10. Recent A series royal pass have 5 mini materials as rank reward. And 2 more mini materials in RP redeem section after maxing out the Royal pass.

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How to get materials in BGMI for free?

Like investing money for materials there is are free methods for gaining materials in BGMI also do exists. But for this you need to have a lot of patience.

1. Discovery events

Discovery events comes in almost every versions of BGMI. These events lasts up to 2 months of time period. Where players have some very simple & easy missions. After completion of these daily missions players get points. These points uplift the player level in that particular event. After reaching a particular level some tokens or coins are offered to the players. Which are used for open discovery crates. Where with some other best items and skins both upgradable firearm and materials are also present as rewards. Not only that the chances of getting them is also high. So, If you can invest your time here you will definitely get benefitted.

Note: Always try to spin 10 times instead of single openings. So that the chance of getting item increases.

2. Use AG currency to purchase materials from the shop

AG currency is one of the best thing present in BGMI. They can be easily obtained daily for free by doing different tasks inside the game. And you can purchase mini materials by using these AG currency directly from the BGMI in game shop. The price for 1 mini material is 1800 AG.

3. From premium & classic crate

Materials also can be obtained with upgradable firearm skins from classic & premium crates. But the chance of getting is very low. Here you have to collect a lot of coupons to get these items for free.

3. From recall event redeem section

Newly added recall event after 3.1 update offerings free mini material fragments. Players can redeem them for free. To obtain free materials you need recall tokens. Players can obtain recall tokens by inviting old offline players into the game easily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many materials I can purchase in BGMI per day?

You can purchase unlimited materials in BGMI daily. There is no such particular limitations in material purchase in BGMI.

Can I gift materials in BGMI?

No, gifting materials in BGMI is not possible.

In how many days the purchase materials expire in BGMI?

In BGMI materials do not expire. You can keep them for lifetime and use them any time you want.

Is there any type of special ability comes in weapons in BGMI after upgrading it?

Only the appearance and some special animations added in weapons after upgrading it to different levels. But there is no such change in damage and controls after upgrading any firearm in BGMI.

Should I upgrade my firearms in BGMI?

See the choice is definitely on you. But if you already have an upgradable firearm in your account you can level it up.


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