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PUBG Mobile VN is the game developed by Korean company “Krafton”, and published by Vietnamese company “VNG Games”.

This game is exclusively for the battle royale lovers of Vietnam. Here in this game different game modes are available. Players can enjoy a variety of gameplay modes along with traditional classic battle royale survival.

PUBG Mobile VN is the game developed for the mobile devices. This game is available for both Android and IOS platforms. 

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May 2024




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PUBG Mobile VN 3.2 Update

Good news for all the PUBG Mobile players. The new 3.2 version is finally available now. With these major update a lot of new items have been added in the game. Some of key features of new update are:

New Features of 3.2 Update

  1. New theme mode: “Mecha Fusion”.
  2. New Dragon Ball Super discovery event.
  3. New tactical weapon “Magnetic Gun”.
  4. Self revival kit added to the battleground.
  5. New green flare gun for instant recall dead teammates. 
  6. New flying vehicle jetpack.
  7. Official 120 FPS support for mobile devices.
  8. New A7 royal pass and season.
  9. New battle royale improvements and bug fixed.


To run PUBG Mobile VN on your  device there are some special requirements area:

  • A mobile device with either Android or iOS operating system.
  • For laptops or pc’s an emulator software is needed.
  • The minimum ram requirement is 2 GB for mobile devices.
  • A storage space of 2 to 5 GB should be present on your device.
  • A cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection is required to play the game.


  1. Follow these steps to download the latest 3.1 update of PUBG Mobile’s Vietnamese version:Click on the download button and select your APK file and Download.
  2. After downloading the game install it.
  3. Now open & run the game on your device.
  4. After some little checkups and downloads your game UI will open normally.
  5. Now from your game UI you can play the game normally.

Having issue in download? Chat with our support team and find a better solution now. ☺️😄